Early childhood years are of crucial importance for the mental development of the child and possibly the ultimate level of development attained by an individual is determined by her experiences in the first five years of life.
Early few years of life is the most effective years for child growth.The concept learned in these years remains forever in an individual.Hence it is very important to choose the right school which understand this concept.Our curriculum team understands this very well and after in depth research on academics and child psychology,it has come up with a world class curriculum.

Preschool Education inculcates:

  • Readiness for Formal school.
  • Allow children to discover the joy of achievement. Learning new things makes the child feel proud and self-important. Such an excitement in learning gives the child the urge to read and write.
  • Provide a stimulating environment which helps to develop curiosity. Curiosity plays a very important role in the development of creativity.

Develops various skills:

  • Manual skills and finger dexterity.
  • Daily grooming skills.
  • Social and emotional skills (communication, acceptance, getting along with others).
  • Expressiveness and confidence: Develop emotional maturity to help children to adjust in a group. They should be encouraged to tolerate, to understand, to express oneself and to build self confidence.
  • Develop Self control: They learn sharing, waiting for their turn, accepting disappointment, conforming to reasonable adult demands, making decisions and solving problems on their own at their level, accepting the consequences of their actions, to cope with fear and to cope with anger.
  • Adequacy and security: Besides feeling adequate and emotionally secure at home, children must have the same feeling in the school environment which involves interaction with many more individuals.
  • Learning language and maths concepts through the daily experiences of life.
  • Understanding the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour through their interaction with other children.
  • Develop the child’s aesthetic appreciation.
  • Develop a natural sense for rhythm through music and dance.
  • Build habits and attitudes in children which will go far towards ensuring their adjustment to later life in school and in the outside world.

Your children’s education and wellfare are our main priorities