Kinder Garden Preschool

Baihata Chariali 

Kinder Garden School Gallery

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  Address : Kinder Garden Preschool & Daycare 

                     Goreshwar Road,
                     Near A.S.E.B,
                     PO- Baihata Chariali
  Co-ordinator : Sangita Das
 Contact : +91-9854651420/ +91-8474862345
  E-mail :

About our preschool: Kinder Garden Preschool, Baihata Chariali, Assam is among more than 30 Preschools we operate across India. We provide personalized learning plan for each child with love & care. We strive to provide quality education at affordable cost.
Our programs includes Playgroup, Nursery and Kindergarten programs (Junior KG and Senior KG) at our preschool located at  Baihata Chariali. We are rated as one of the best pre-schools in Baihata area

We have researched & developed our curriculum scientifically in collaboration with Academicians, early childhood development experts, doctors, child psychologists, teachers & parents. Our curriculum is a personalized blend of play-way, Montessori & origami methodology. We design and manage our environment in such a way that the child feels at home from the very first week. This enables them to be free her/his thoughts & actions.

More than 3000 parents across India have rated us very high in their child’s development in all of the three aspect: Social, Academic & Physical development & preparedness.

We are accepting application for new enrollment at our Baihata Chariali center. Please call or message us if you have any query. You can always come and visit us at our preschool.