• Once children reach school, they are welcomed and greeted by Educators. Educators welcome Children in the assembly area with an action song, dance, or rhymes.
  • They are also introduced to all the Preschool Educators. They enjoy the first fortnight with some games, playing in the garden, meeting their friends and going around the school for a walk.
  • Play Group and Nursery children take some time to settle down so are taken outside in a shaded area for the first few days. Gradually they enter their classes on their own will by the end of the week.
  • All the classrooms are decorated by the respective Educators. Birthday Charts, Parents Name and Contact Numbers and Children’s Corner. An art corner is created in the class where children are free to go anytime and draw or colour of their own choice. Each classroom is made attractive and colourful to the best possible extent which encourages the child to be in class. Educators allow children to play with puzzles, blocks, writing/drawing on children’s board, slate or paper.
  • During the first week, no structured schedule is followed; they are free to do any activity. Children will enjoy the first weekend of the school by going out for a picnic.

Your children’s education and wellfare are our main priorities