Kinder Garden provides safe environment to its children and so we call it second home for the children. Each centre of Kinder Garden Preschool and Daycare, are well equipped with all types of play equipment and Montessori toys for Holistic development of a child. Kinder Garden Preschool has separate and different classrooms for each group of programs offered. Kinder Garden follow 1:10 Educator-Student ratio. Each class has separate Educator assisted by a Helper.

A Typical Day at Kinder Garden Preschool and Daycare

  • Once Children reach school, they are welcomed and greeted by Educators. Educators take them to their respective classrooms.
  • Once each child settles down in classroom, Educator take attendance and Children go for Outdoor Free Play.
  • Now, its time for Fruit Break- Children have their fruits/home made juice.
  • Classroom Activities.
  • Lunch Break- Children have their home made Lunch (Paratha/Roti/Chapati – Sabji, Rice preparation or Anything cooked at home).
  • 15 minutes Outdoor Free Play
  • Dismissal

Your children’s education and wellfare are our main priorities