Settling your child into Kinder Garden Preschool is both an exciting and emotional time for families and children. Some children may be experiencing a group setting for the first time, and others may be transitioning from another early childhood centre. For these reasons, we recommend that you visit the Preschool as many times as you can before your child starts in order to familiarize them with the new surroundings.
Talk about Preschool before their first day. The settling in period is different for each child. Some children need time for the parent(s) to stay and play. Some prefer if you leave soon after arrival.
If your child is distressed/crying when you leave, you may like to call the Preschool later in the morning, so staff can discuss their progress over the day. Please remember that it is essential that you say “goodbye” to your child when you leave, so that they trust you tomorrow not to sneak away when they are not looking.
Let your child know when you will return, so as to reassure them. Giving them a time that they are familiar with helps them to understand. For example: “I’ll come back to collect you after snacks”. It is important to be realistic about when you will be able to come back and to be consistent with what you have told your child, to build their trust. It can be quite distressing for them if you are late.
Your child’s happiness is our prime concern and our staff will work with you, to help your child settle into the Preschool routine. In return, we ask that you be patient and supportive to your child, as they will need time to adjust and feel confident in this new setting

Your children’s education and wellfare are our main priorities